How To Tap Into Your Guidance

Set A Clear Intention

You need to choose one area of your life that you are finding problematic and ask about it. Don't get too ambitious; don't try to work on a whole host of things at once. It is worth your while to take the trouble to first gain clarity about what you need to work on. If you are not sure what it should be, then that would also make a good first question. Here is a typical example:- "On what should I focus my self-improvement efforts now?" Once you have clarity on what you need to know about, set a clear intention to stick with that question until you have your answer. Write it down; look at it regularly; put it on your fridge door; stick a post-it note on your mirror. You must be clear in your mind that this is what you want guidance on. Keep your intention on it. Don't start asking other questions before you have the answer to this one.

Ask the Right Questions

There are so many things we can choose to be curious about. When asking Spirit for answers, put that curiosity aside. Questions should arise from your genuine, heartfelt needs. Sincerity is paramount. Help is always available to you to improve your life and the lives of others. This is what Spiritual Guidance is all about. It is important to phrase your question clearly, because Spirit will answer what you ask. If you are not asking clearly, you can't expect to get a clear answer.

Know That The Answers Are There For You

Look forward eagerly to receiving your answers. Be grateful for the love, wisdom and compassion that lies behind the help you are getting. Be positive and joyful about it. If you are still wondering whether you will get an answer or not, the chances are good that you won't, or if you do, you will likely question the validity of your answer to the point that it will be of little or no help to you

Value Your Answers

Never take your guidance for granted. If you need to take action on an issue, then do so. If you get guidance and then ignore it, your guidance will likely stop until such time a you are willing to make proper use of it.

Don't Over-analyse

Logic has its place in this world, but Spirit works with inspiration, not logic. If you are going to start dissecting every answer you get, trying to make up your mind whether it is valid or valuable to you, then you aren't likely to get any benefit from asking for guidance. Your Guidance is focessed on your highest good and much more interested in your welfare than you can understand. The "big picture" is an open book to your guidance, including many things you are unaware of. Accept and trust what you are given. Your intellect can only get in the way.

Don't Assume That You Know Anything (beginner's mind)

Always ask with an OPEN mind. One of the most common mistakes people make when asking for guidance is to merely look for confimation about something they think they already know. Don't ever assume that you already have a complete grasp of the situation. There may be other possibilities of which you are totally unaware but which Spirit can see clearly.

Ask The Right Way

Always ask OPEN-ENDED questions. Any question based on choosing between 2 or more options is not likely be answered. It is always up to you to make your own choices in your life. That being said, if you are having difficulty making a choice, you CAN ask for more information about each of your options. A good way to start any question is "What do I need to know about...."

Be Grateful For Your Answers, Even Before You Are Aware of Them.

It is important to be grateful for the answers even before you receive them. This will put you in a more receptive state, making it easier to receive your answers. Know that they come to you from a place of Love and wisdom and only ever have your best interests at heart.

Find Your Best Way/s of Receiving Answers

A process that works well for me is to write down my question, then sit with pen and paper ready to write down my answer. Writing things down is a good way to concretize and confirm what you have received. Writing serves as a link between the abstract and the concrete. It can also be very halpful if you have misunderstood something. You will feel its wrongness as you write it down and can ask for more clarity on it. Writing also makes it possible to receive additional information about the subjectt. In some cases, there are many facets to the answer, then It is extra helpful to record what you are receiving. I have never received a long, detailed answer mentally, but it does sometimes happen when writing.

Record Your Process

This is not to suggest that writing is the only way to receive answers, but it is a good practice to record your questions and answers. It makes the whole process more real. You might like to keep a journal and record your spiritual journey in it. There are many other ways for Spirit to inspire you. The lyrics of a song; a book title that catches your attention; something someone says unwittingly; a recurring image or symbol; even a billboard or an advert. Keep an eye open for synchronicities when asking questions. With time, you will find your own best way or ways of receiving guidance.