The Keys to Raising Your Vibrations Permanently

This page, and indeed this website, are about raising your vibrations permanently. It is all too common an occurrence to "hit a high" then shortly thereafter to "plummet into a trough". If that keeps happening to you, it is a clear indication that you need to address something. The purpose and focus of this process is to eliminate the factors that lower your vibrations and drag you down into troughs of negativity, depression, hopelessness, victimhood, passivity, fear and general unhappiness. I outline the most important aspects of the process here for you. You are most welcome to adopt them in your life and I highly encourage you to do so. If there is anything I mention here that you are finding difficulty with, remember that my purpose is to help and support sincere seekers. I may be the right person to help you.

It's all about Love

When we talk about living at a higher rate of vibration, we are actually talking about embodying more Love. Simply put, Divine Love is the highest vibration there is. There are billlions of people on the planet searching for and craving love. Unfortunately, very few realize that the only love that will permanently satisfy them is the Divine Love that their Soul remembers and longs for all the time. There is a tendency to look for love outside of ourselves. While having satisfying human relationships can go some way towards lessening that longing, it can never fully satisfy it.

How to increase Love

It is as if we all want love to be added to our lives, when in actual fact, the process is not one of addition so much as one of subtraction. What do I mean by that? Well, the fact is that the Soul IS Divine and as such, IS Love. All that is required in order to experience true Love is to remove the barriers that we have set up by our fears, illusions and false beliefs. When we do that, we are able to embody more of our own natural Divinity in our lives and thus experience hitherto unknown levels of Love - PERMANENTLY.

Factors involved in the process

There are a number of factors involved in the process. How successfully you implement them will determine how far you succeed in raising your vibrations permanently. Please be aware that this is NOT AN OVERNIGHT PROCESS! You may experience some wonderful revelations and "aha! moments" along the way - and I sincerely wish you plenty of those - but overall, it will take time. It is an ongoing process of growth rather than a sudden revelation. You can also look upon it as a process of increasing your awareness in the most natural way.


When you read through the list below, you may at first be disappointed at how simple it appears. Well, let me remind you, one of the attributes of truth is simplicity. As simple as these practices may sound to you, it is far from a simple matter to actually LIVE them. We all have a particular human trait which hampers us when it comes to making improvements in our lives. I like to call it "habitual thinking". Each of us has our own way of dealing with life. Even when our way is bringing us nothing but pain and heartache, there is almost always strong resistance to changing it.

The List

1) Intention
2) Integrity
3) Forgiveness
4) Trust
5) Gratitude

In addition to the above practices, it is essential to build an ongoing relationship with the Divine (using meditation and prayer)

All aspects are required

It would be unrealistic to expect to implement all of this at once, but ultimately, if you are serious about raising your vibrations permanently, it is essential to develop ALL of these aspects. If you neglect any of them, you will experience sub-optimal and temporary results.


Intention is the first step. If you don't intend to do anything to improve your situation, then your situation will not improve. The mere fact that you are reading this is an indication that you probably already have the intention raise your vibrations. Now it is merely a matter of intending for that rise in your frequency to be permanent.
Intention is the first step to accomplishing absolutely anything in any sphere of life. It is no less important in your spiritual life. Find out more about spiritual intention here.


Integrity is a simple concept. It is about truth and that's all it is. While it is simple to say, it is, at least in most cases, not so simple to implement. Click here to read about it in more detail.


Here is a factor that is often a "biggie". It can be a big hurdle for some people, particularly when they have (like I do) a "thing" about fairness. Forgiveness has two aspects to it:- forgiving people for the hurt they have caused you and forgiving yourself for what you have done to others. One of the biggest hurdles in this process arises when we judge something to be "unforgivable". For a more thorough discussion on forgiveness and a powerful tool to help you with it, click here


Trust may at first appear to be something over which you have no control, but I can assure you, you have more control over it than you may think. Like so many things in life, trust begins with an intention. For more details about trust click here


There is a great deal of information about gratitude available nowadays. Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are based in practicing gratitude. While these are valuable processes indeed, it is clear to me (from bitter experience) that there is a glaring gap in what they are teaching. This is borne out by the fact that so many people find difficulty in effectively applying them in their lives. Gratitude is a very valuable and highly recommended practice, but unless we remove our mental, emotional and energetic blocks, its benefits and results are always going to be lukewarm at best.

Relationship with The Divine

Relationship with The Divine. Well, this is where a whole can of worms presents itself. We say "God is Love" yet there are few subjects that evoke such angry reactions as discussions about The Divine. I maintain that it doesn't much matter how you choose to believe. What matters is that YOU nurture a RELATIONSHIP with your Creator. While the previous aspects have a certain natural sequence to them, this one should be ongoing right from the start of your journey. For some more information on the subject and a practice that you may find very valuable, click here

Other practices

The above are by no means the only ways to raise your vibrations. Once you clear your blocks, there are any number of things that will raise your vibrations. You will soon learn to recognize them bu how they make you feel. The important thing to realize is that NOTHING you do will bring about a PERMANENT increase ij your vibration as long as there are fears, false beliefs, insecurities, negative thought patterns and the like that still remain to drag you back down again. Once the above are in place,  all other vibration-raising practices will bring you increased benefits. 

How can I help you?

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