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William Ward
William Ward


Hi, and a very warm and  loving welcome to this site. I am William Ward and I sincerely hope you find something truly valuable here; something that permanently enhances your quality of life.

After more than 40 years of dedicated spiritual practice, putting in countless hours of meditation, seeking, learning multiple skills, absorbing all sorts of information, having all sorts of profound experiences and reaching all sorts of realizations, I have discovered something of inestimable value. I have uncovered the big secret to PERMANENTLY raising vibrations. No more peaks and valleys; no more swinging wildly between elation and depression. Instead, a gently rising series of plateaus.

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Free Trial Available

You can find out FOR FREE how this works. You can have a taste of what its like to raise your vibrations permanently, but only if you are the right person. What do I mean, the "right person"? I mean, a sincere seeker of the Truth, with most or all of the following qualities:-

  • you feel driven to learn about life and spirituality
  • you have an innate drive to help others, but don't yet feel ready to do so.
  • you know that you have potential that you haven't yet realized.
  • you know your life could be better, but aren't sure how

When I work with someone, I am given an impression/picture of their overall energetic/emotional state. It is impossible to describe, as there is no equivalent in our 3rd dimensional experience. It shows me things for which language does not exist, but which can be understood far better than words could convey. It is quite clear what the seeker needs and I am guided to lead them towards that.

Through focused questions and channeled information, they gain a clear understanding of their next step and how to take it. This is an EMPOWERING process. I don't "fix" anyone; they facilitate their own way forward.  It leaves them with a skill they can use to further enable their own journey as well as to assist others.

I don't expect anyone to take what I say at face value. (I wouldn't!) If you feel that you are the right kind of person, I am fully prepared to give you a FREE taste of what we can achieve working together. I believe it is essential that we are a "good fit". I won't work with someone where it doesn't feel right and I wouldn't expect anyone to work with me if they felt that way.

If you feel drawn to this process and you think you meet the criteria, then don't overthink it, click the button below right now to find out more.


I was in a deep dark void of misery, hopelessness and utter despair. Confusion and uncertainty ruled my life. I felt trapped with no direction, hope or escape in sight until William began working with me via Whatsapp. He was constantly in touch with me, helping me through it every step of the way. Together we were able to change my negative thought patterns. He guided and encouraged me out of the place of despair. He is an inspiration and radiates positivity. I have learned how to take control of my life; is of tremendous help. I am now living a more relaxed and stress free life, filled with appreciation, gratitude and love. Highly recommended.
Shireen crop
Shireen Besten
Massage Therapist
Over the many years of friendship and working with William....I have a great respect for his wisdom and wondrous realm of consciousness which he presents and transforms with spiritual understanding in startling ways, with deep penetrating feeling, humor and wit.
Desi Byram
Sacred Arts; Intuitive Counselling
I recently experienced working with William via WhatsApp. It was a really good experience. I found the information and insights that he shared with me about what I was going through were amazingly accurate and very helpful. With his guidance I was able to reach a place of inner clarity quite quickly, for which I am very grateful. I have known William for quite a long time now and find him always to be a man of integrity and kindness which puts me at ease. I highly recommend him as a coach and facilitator.
Carol Nelson 20170704_232520
Carol Nelson
Healer/Art Therapist
I highly recommend William Ward as an online councillor operating with Whats App. In the 8 days I spent communicating with him he was always very articulate and extremely accurate with his observations about the blockages I had. He had good advice that helped push me through my seemingly insurmountable negative patterns. After just 8 days I felt so much freer...a weight had lifted off my shoulders. Now I am feeling so much more positive about taking steps to move towards goals I would like to achieve.P.S. I meant it...it's the truth...not kind... Love Chokyi
Jeanette Paarman
Professional Caregiver