About Raising Your Vibrations Permanently

The Raising Your Vibrations Permanently System is based around identifying and removing those things in your makeup that hold you back. While the emphasis is on the vibrational impact this has, the effects are multidimensional. You will find positive spin-offs in all areas of your life. 

Consciousness is like a hot air balloon. It is all well and good to fill it with hot air (consciousness raising experiences) but you have to also untie the anchor ropes before it can take off, then you need to ditch the sandbags used for ballast before it can rise freely. Then very little "hot air" is required to keep it climbing.

Many people are "stuck" due to beliefs about life that they internalized when they were far too young to understand what was really going on around them. (You will find a more complete discussion of these and other factors affecting vibrations in the article Spiritual Essentials).  These mistaken beliefs act like anchor ropes and ballast to keep them from climbing higher on the vibrational scale.The key is to identify what is holding you back and address it effectively. This will immediately raise your "vibrational floor" (your lowest vibrational level) as well as your average vibrational frequency. 

The benefits will resonate across all spheres of life and are too numerous to try to list. Overall, there will be an increase in positivity, joy, satisfaction, success, connection and even love as these burdens are lifted. You will become more conscious, more focussed and more "in tune". If that sounds attractive to you, then maybe the free trial is just what you need.


About Me

If you have come to this page looking for information about me to help you make a decision about whether you want to work with me or not, you probably won't find it here. I have no interest in and no intention of trying to win you over with clever arguments. I don't need numbers, I need the right people. They will know who they are. They will feel an unmistakable "yes".

If you are drawn to work with me, then contact me. If you are not sure, then I suggest you ask Spirit. This decision is about what your heart tells you, not what your mind computes. What does my vibration feel like to you? Are you comfortable with it? Are we a good match? Do you get a "yes"?

I could list all sorts of things about me here. It would probably bore the pants off you. The way I see it, it only matters where I am today and what that enables me to share with my clients, not how I got here. If you are really curious, you can poke around this site; you will glean snippets here and there. I will add more over time.

What I know and understand comes not only from what I read or was taught, it comes from a multitude of sources. The most important stuff comes from a combination of spiritual downloads, esoteric and spiritual practices and life experience. There is no substitute for actually practicing and actually living a life!

Here is what is sometimes called a "potted pen picture" I am in my mid sixties. I have had a lifelong urge to help people. I have been drawn to writing and music since a young age, but have also lived a life full of physical activities. I have sought The Truth and The Divine since very early in life. I was pulled onto a path of meditation at age 22 and still meditate every day.

I have always felt very drawn to life beyond "the veil" and have studied NDE'S extensively; I have read, reread and facilitated "between life regressions"; I have practiced and taught energy healing; I have a passion for facilitating intensive, life-changing, multi day workshops; I have facilitated healing circles and meditation groups; I have triggered a number of people to channel for the first time (or rather, Spirit has done so through me).

It has taken me many decades to understand what hampers the raising of consciousness and how to eliminate those barriers in my own life. After running into a virtual brick wall for decades, I now understand how to eliminate those things and just how important and beneficial it is to do so. I feel compelled to share that understanding with whomever is ready to receive it.

I believe this is the major key that is missing from a vast number of practices, both worldly and spiritual. How many truly good people are struggling with relationships, with finances, with manifesting what they need, with unhappiness or depression? They may be doing everything in their power to succeed in all spheres of life, but their own unhelpful beliefs just keep bringing them to their knees. And all that can be changed if they only know how!

So, there it is, in a nutshell. Are you any the wiser about who I am? Probably not much - but thanks for reading the page anyway. (Smiles and hugs!)